5 Ways Your Recruitment Firm is Ripping You Off

5 Ways Your Recruitment Firm is Ripping You Off





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There are many recruiters that care deeply about their work and there are many recruitment firms that provide an excellent, professional service. And yet we all know that the industry as a whole has a less than stellar reputation. In the following pages you’ll find five recruiter behaviours that might indicate you’re being taken for a ride.


Advertising a position, searching the market (AKA headhunting), and thoroughly assessing the candidates cannot be rushed, and typically takes several weeks. Anything less than this and you might be using a recruiter who has just pulled a bunch of hopefuls from their database. A failed hire is very expensive and is only avoided by a carefully planned and executed recruitment campaign.






1. The shortlist arrives too quickly


Every candidate on the shortlist should have a CV, but if that’s all you receive you’re working with a recruiter who is putting in minimal effort. Candidate assessment is critical and whether it takes the form of competency questionnaires, video interviews, behavioural assessments, or anything else, there should always be something beyond a CV that helps you make an informed decision.






2. The shortlist is represented by CVs

3.                 They want you to interview everybody





It’s very rare that every candidate on the shortlist needs to be interviewed face-to-face. If you don’t have enough information on the candidates to identify the 2-3 most likely prospects, the recruiter hasn’t spent enough time on the assessment stage. You may occasionally have to interview everyone on the shortlist, but you should always be able to start with the evident frontrunners.


4. Their “Free Replacement” window is small



“Free Replacement” guarantees are offered when the recruiter is so confident in the accuracy of their placements that they KNOW this provision will rarely have to be called upon. This is a critical consideration because when a new hire leaves you after just a few months, the disruption to your business is massive and expensive. You should expect to be offered a free replacement guarantee of at least six months, otherwise you have a right to question the recruiter’s confidence in their own abilities.


If a recruiter is competing on price, it’s often because they have little else to offer. And making cost a factor is a false economy. A bad hire can cost you six figures in terms of lost business, workplace disruption, wasted salary and the expense of repeating the recruitment campaign. Experienced, skilful recruiters who have a track-record of placing candidates that stay in the role may cost more upfront, but they save you considerably more in the long-run.







5. Their fee is surprisingly low


Save TIME and MONEY on Your Next Recruitment Campaign


If you’re looking to hire a recruiter or if you’re considering whether your existing firm is the best choice, you should carefully consider all five of the points in this report.

Modern-day recruitment is not about speed and low fees, it’s about accuracy of placement. In the long-run nothing is more beneficial to your business than getting the right employee, first time around.

In summary, you should be looking for recruiters that…


ü Perform an in-depth search of the market to find the best possible candidates.


ü Provide comprehensive candidate profiles based on detailed assessments.


ü Help you identify the 2-3 front-runners that should be interviewed first.


ü A “Free Replacement” guarantee of at least 12 months.


ü A fee that represents, not the cheapest recruitment service, but the highest quality recruitment service.



If you’re keen to find a recruitment firm that ticks all of these boxes, please email Connect@marlinstrafe.com or click here for a FREE no-obligation chat about how we can save you time and money on your next recruitment campaign.

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