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Speed up your hiring with Strafe Search®

When you absolutely need to get the right candidate who stays in the role long-term and you can’t afford the exorbitant costs of a bad hire, you need a thoroughly modern recruitment service that doesn’t cut corners.

Featuring a range of cutting-edge candidate assessment steps and an online candidate delivery platform, our premium Strafe Search® service is proven to REDUCE your commercial downtime and IMPROVE your retention rates.


Measurably Better Recruitment

Industry-Leading Retention Rates of 96%

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our FREE replacement policy of up to 12 months. Although, given our overwhelming success rate, it’s unlikely you’ll need it.

Save Upwards of $100K per Hire

Between increasing your retention rates and reducing your commercial downtime, expect to see substantial savings of both time and money.

Reduce Your Overall Time-to-Hire

Our candidate preassessments will improve your interview-to-hire ratio and give you the confidence to speed up the hiring process.

Data Driven Recruiting

Improve retention and make smarter hiring decisions

  • Save time on your hiring campaigns by viewing profiles online, in a consistent format.
  • Reduce the risk of an expensive bad hire with our four steps consultative recruiting assessments.
  • Avoid the disruption of a “bad hire” – 96% of our new placements are still in the role after 12 months.
  • Eliminate the stress of hiring campaigns with our interview and on-boarding assistance program.
  • Optimize your current process with our innovative three level role assessment process.
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What Strafe Search Gives you
Improved Retention
96% of the candidates we place using Strafe Search® are still in position 12 months later.
Smarter Decisions
Increased accuracy of hire using scientific, visual and competency based assessments.
More Time
We create a scenario to only spend time with those candidates that truly match your requirements.
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Candidate Backgrounds
Consultative Candidate Recruitment
Behavioral Profiling
Aptitudes & Behavioral Capabilities
Next Gen Hiring Technology
Digitized Recruitment Process
Psychometric analysis

A scientific approach to talent

In general, people hire on skills and fire on Behaviors.

When your hire doesn’t work out, it’s rarely because their skills or experience aren’t up to scratch. It’s because their BEHAVIOR wasn’t a good fit for your organization.

To truly assess candidates, you need to be able to measure what makes them unique and valuable… Are they introverted or extroverted? Do they work better in a group or on their own? Are they a leader or a follower?

These are all critical elements of a person’s ability to do their work and thrive in your business. You cannot assess that through a CV and a bunch of rushed interviews.

If you would like to assess the next role in your recruitment plans, request an McQuaig Institute® assessment below – on us!

Scientific Approach
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