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About Marlin Strafe

We help Organizations and companies connect with modern Unicorns

Local Roots to Worldwide Impact

The Marlin Strafe team, first originated in Atlanta Georgia, is made up of the best recruiters and consultants around! Our team holds 25 years of experience in making industrious strides in various verticals.  


Data Driven
Proven recruitment process.
Smarter Decisions
Increased hire accuracy.
Faster Hiring
Fill openings in record time.

What do we do

Our objective is to reduce your commercial downtime and save on overall cost-to-hire, all while achieving industry-leading candidate retention rates.

Our comprehensive service includes a free consultation to identify how we can serve you best.

Save Upwards of $100K per Hire
Reduce Your Overall Time-to-Hire
Industry-Leading Retention Rates of 96%
4 Layer Consultative Recruitment Process
Data Driven Recruiting

Improve retention and make smarter hiring decisions

96% of the candidates we place using Strafe Search® are still in position 12 months later. Increase accuracy of hire using scientific, visual and competency based assessments. We create a scenario to only spend time with those candidates that truly match your requirements.

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Marlin Strafe

Bridging the Gap Between Employer and Employee Recruitment Using Technology

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